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Placement Policy
  • Students should prepare their resume taking into consideration the nature of job of the company to which they want to be an applicant.
  • It is expected that a student shall NOT add any ambiguous/wrong/fraudulent/misleading information in his/her resume. Resume checks will continue throughout the placement process. If, on verification, any discrepancy is found, the student will be de-barred from placement process.
  • Placement cell shall invite various company representatives. Although Institute takes care about profile of the corporate company coming for recruitment drive and makes the student know about it, however student should also verify the creditability of such company on their own.
  • Terms and condition of the company after placement shall be in between the students and the company. RDFIT shall not be the part.
  • There will be no money transaction for placement to anyone. If students are involved in such activity, Placement cell RDFGIT will not own any responsibility.
  • Any student not aspiring for placement through should give an undertaking of their unwillingness to Placement cell.
  • It is mandatory for the eligible students to register for each company drive separately.
  • Any kind of misbehavior/complaints of the student reported by the company official will be taken seriously and if proven he/she will be de-barred from future campus placements.
  • Student should be well dressed in clean Iron cloths. Untidy cloths may lead to poor impression.
  • They are required to carry all relevant documents.
  • Students must carry their I-card at all the times during interviews and screening tests. No one would be allowed to enter the test/interview venue without the I-cards and proper uniform.
  • Consistent attendance up to 6th Semester should not be below 75%.
  • For students involved in disciplinary cases, Director has the discretion to stop them from appearing in any placement activity.
Placement Procedure

RDFGIT is engaged in field of professional education where the courses it runs (B.Tech., MBA) are mostly terminal courses for many students who then intend to make a professional career. It therefore becomes imperative that we provide a solution to the students from the very basic using their entire stay in this institute and eventually make them adept and capable for their future careers.

The motto of the group is "We Make Technocrats" and we endeavor to follow the same in letter and spirit across the courses that we run to ensure that the student is eventually employable.

The ingredients towards the overall development of any student for any course are Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. In terms of Knowledge we ensure that the curriculum is followed and completed with the most competent faculty with diverse specializations which is possible due to our large regular faculty strength in every program. To ensure expertise in every course delivered the faculty are clubbed into departments and not in courses i.e. all faculty members of Computer Science together would be asked to contribute in every program be it B.Tech., MBA as required. When it comes to skills laboratory practical’s case studies, presentations, role plays, hobby clubs, coaching, mentoring, etc. all contribute to honing the appropriate skills of a student. While Knowledge and Skills form the mandatory base, the differentiator between success and failure is generally the attitude. The college operates classes from 9.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. five days in a week to ensure not only that maximum input is delivered but to also ensure that a corporate working attitude at least with respect to the amount of time an organization would expect every week in the job is inculcated. Besides this team building, workshops, seminars, organizational work, etc. all go towards building the right working attitude.

Several placement models are worked on simultaneously to generate maximum opportunities which are as follows:

  • Database of all students seeking training and placement is sent to various organizations based on the network that is created from the various faculty members having corporate backgrounds, parent community, alumni, etc.
  • Individual companies are called upon to campus wherever they are willing to do the recruitment drive exclusively for our students.
  • Pooled campuses with the other organizations which are in plenty in the educational hub of Ghaziabad are organized.
  • Individual companies are called upon to campus wherever they are willing to do the recruitment drive exclusively for our students.